Ultimate Guide to Passing the MOT Test

The MOT test is required for most vehicles in the UK that are over three years old. It is a yearly test that your vehicle needs to pass so you can legally drive it on the road. Exemptions are cars driven on small islands that are not connected to Great Britain. If you live around the area of Solihull and Birmingham, then you are one of the people who need to get their vehicles tested.

Look for qualified test centres that offer the MOT in Solihull, Birmingham. The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency or VOSA sets the maximum price that testers can charge. However, it’s up to them if they wish to offer their service at a lower amount to get more customers. Compare your options to ensure that you are getting the most affordable.

If you fail the test, you can have your vehicle repaired and retested. You can have the repair done at the centre that tested it or at another auto shop that you prefer. The retesting is free if done the following day. If made within ten days after the first test, it will be half the price. However, if done after that, then it will be for the full price again. Failing the test can be inconvenient because you will be left without a car until you get a pass. Here are things that you can do to prevent your vehicle from failing the MOT test.


  • Brakes. Ensure that both the handbrake and footbrake work properly, and your brake pipes are free from any leaks.
  • Suspension. Some signs of suspension problems are knocks or creaks when you drive the car.
  • Exhaust emission. If dark smoke is coming out from your tailpipe, there is probably an issue with your exhaust emission.
  • Fuel system. Carefully check the fuel tank and everything surrounding it. Make sure it’s free from leaks or damage.


  • Mirrors. There must be a mirror on the side of the driver and a rear-view one. Plus, they should be installed correctly, so they are easily visible to the driver.
  • Seatbelts. See to it that all the seatbelts work properly, and they have no damage.
  • Horn. It should be working and audible.
  • Warning lights. Check all the lights on the dashboard of your car to ensure that they are all functioning without a problem.


  • Registration plate. It should have visible numbers and letters from afar. There should not be any damage, and it must be appropriately attached to the car.
  • Windscreen and wipers. See to it that wipers are working correctly, and the windscreen is clear for better visibility.
  • Doors. The doors must open or close from inside or outside the vehicle, and once shut; they should remain closed.
  • Lights. Ensure that all lights are not just functioning, but they are the proper colour too.
  • Wheels and tyres. The wheels and tyres must be free from any damage, and they should be the standard for your vehicle.

Avoid the hassle of failing the MOT test by keeping the checklist above in mind.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/car-bmw-x3-vehicle-transportation-2220054/

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