How to Prepare your Car for the MOT Test

If your car is at least 3 years old, it must be tested for roadworthiness on an annual basis, and there are many garages in the UK that are approved to carry out the MOT test. Prior to booking your vehicle in for the MOT test, here are some major aspects that need to be looked at.

  1. Lighting – When you book your car for an MOT test in Bristol, the examiner will check the headlights, rear lights, reversing and brake lights, plus the indicators. Any dud bulbs should be replaced prior to putting your car through the MOT test.
  2. Windshield – The windscreen must be free from cracks or splits and the wiper blades must be in good order. The washer bottle should be full of water and it should deliver water to the windscreen as required.
  1. Brakes – Your vehicle will be put onto a rolling road and the brakes tested for efficiency, while the tension on the handbrake will also be checked.
  1. Steering – The steering mechanism is checked to see there is not too much play.
  1. Tyres – The minimum tread depth for tyres is 1.6mm, plus the tyre walls are inspected for bulges or tears.
  1. Seat Belts – The MOT inspector checks that the seat belts are in fact working as they should, and that the webbing is not compromised in any way.
  1. Bodywork Inspection – The car’s bodywork is inspected for signs of excess rust, and that there are no sharp edges that might cause injury to a pedestrian in the event of a minor collision.Putting your car through a pre MOT test will ensure that there are no issues, and make sure you take your car to an approved MOT testing centre.


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