Five Signs your RV Roof Has Leaks

Whether you own a six-month-old or six-year-old RV, you must remember that all RVs can develop a leaking roof. RVs and trailers have rubber and TPO materials that are lightweight and prone to damage from overhead objects such as sharp branches. Roofs made from aluminum and fiberglass are sturdier; however, they can develop stress cracks and oxidation pitting over time. That is why you must accept the leaks are unavoidable and knowing the signs of leaky RV roof will help you avoid paying for costly RV Repair in Minnesota. These signs include the following:

Soft Spots

A visual inspection is not enough to discover soft spots. You must open up all of the overhead cabinets and tap at the ceiling to feel any soft spots. You must do this at least once every other month. Also, soft spots can develop underneath any roofing penetrations and at the ceilings above doors and windows. They indicate water build-up as a result of unmitigated roofing leaks.

Water Stain on the Ceiling

Focus your eyes upward from time to time to study the ceiling of the RV. Check for a water stain that usually looks like a big puddle. Corner stains can look like a dark, odd-shaped discoloration.

Sudden Increase in Peaks and Valleys

This indicates your RV has had water intrusion and the glue has released from the wood. This could also mean the wood has decayed and the membrane has not adhered anymore. For an older RV roof, this indicates a serious leak. Older RV roofs have cotton on the back side of the vinyl that will wick the water into the roof.


Walk around the vehicle and check the RV visually and by hand to find signs of delamination. This problem appears like a bubble or outwards bending. This will happen when water gets between the outside fiberglass and sidewall and separate the two.

Damaged Flashing and Cracked Sealant

Any materials made to penetrate through the roof of your RV must be inspected regularly for signs of base damages. In case damages are visible here, it might be caused by regular drying and cracking that let water leak through.

If you wish to end your worry about RV roof leaks, contact a reputable company that specializes in RV repair. The right company will ensure you can use your RV again despite weather conditions. Your safety will partly depend on how well you take care of your vehicle.

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