6 Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage

Auto glass is not meant for bearing everything as there are numerous reasons they may end up cracking, breaking or chipping. Have a look at these common reasons to auto glass damage so as to get the auto window replacement in Phoenix.

  1. Hail

Hail has an unpredictable timing for falling from the sky and every state is prone to hail storms. Hail tends to vary from tiny to as big as golf balls. If you are stuck in a hail storm, you can slow down to lessen the severity of the impact.

  1. Auto accidents

Know that not only major car wrecks are responsible for breaking your automotive glass. Even though cars bear safety glass, they don’t break or burst. It is inevitable when a windshield causes major damage, but accidents can also cause tiny cracks and chips in the windshield. These factors can cause major damage in the future, so address the issues right away.

  1. Construction vehicles

Many construction vehicles are loaded with debris. Riding around these vehicles can pose a risk to your windshield. Although, they may act as a protective shield, it is essential to address the minor cracks or chips right away with the auto glass window repair. When you don’t, you are compromising the entire windshield.

  1. Gravel roads

Just an arbitrary rock, pebble or stone can kick up by another car and there are infinite odds of that happening when riding on gravel roads. When you are, always keep a safe distance behind other cars.

  1. Theft

Sometimes, thieves will smash your auto glass to have access to your vehicle and steal your belongings. In such cases, side windows are the primary target. It lets the thief to get into the vehicle right away and flee the scene quickly. Unluckily, this is very common because vehicle theft has been on the rise every second.

  1. Sunlight

Constant and prolonged exposure to sun tends to heat up the auto glass. This impact expands the edges of the auto glass. As the time passes by, this could also wind up cracking the glass. Hence, it is recommended to park your vehicle in the shade by all means. This very same impact takes place with significant temperature changes as well.

So, if you are looking for repairing or getting your auto glass window replaced, look no further. And if you want to read similar insights on protection of your windshield, visit our website today.

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